Make it Happen by Making it Fun

If you ever needed a reminder of how to get little junior or the tiny princess to do something you want them to do (especially something that’s good for them) without any prodding or cajoling – just take a look at this:

It’s also refreshing to see adults break their daily patterns and routine behaviors to try something different and fun.

Keep an eye out for the elderly man (at around 1:23) who can barely walk – yet chooses the stairs  – why? – cuz it looks like fun!

2 Responses

  1. I wonder what the cost is compared to an escaltor? Maybe it’s time to retool. Reminds me of the scene from Big.

    • Yes! First thing I thought of was Big. Maybe that’s where they got the idea. If you factor in that most likely it’s cheaper than an escalator plus the longer term benefit of having people take stairs vs. the escalator – which would presumably reduce health care costs – there’s more than just a fun idea here.

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