Treat the Family to Tasty Udon Soup

2263643007_206c362b97If you want to pull together a fun, tasty meal for the family – assuming they like or are game for Japanese flavors, you’ll want to check out this simple straight-forward recipe for chicken udon noodle soup.It’s really tasty and hearty – so a bowl of this will satisfy almost any appetite. It took me about 20 minutes or so to do it tonight. Quick tip – buy pre-cooked udon noodles if you can. I got mine at Costco, believe it or not – or you can get them at Whole Foods or any Asian food market. I also used a pre-cooked roasted chicken – which you can get at any supermarket these days.

If you have concerns about MSG – look for MSG-free dashi powder, which is the main ingredient for the soup stock.

Kids love the big thick noodles and the adults can spice it up using shichimi (red pepper flakes). Consider it a lesson for the kids about international cuisine and saying you whipped up some udon soup for scratch for the fam will impress your ethno-centric colleagues and increase your cool quotient.