How to Fight… Calmly?

Sticks and stones may break bones and words can never hurt – but they can alter body chemistry. Really? Here’s an interesting article from double X on how to have a fight with your spouse or partner in a more healthy way. Apparently, bio-behavioral researchers at Penn State University have found that specific words, when uttered in a heated discussion or argument, can alter body chemistry. Click here to see the article: LINK

So, if during an argument, couples use analytical words such as “reason”, “think”, “understanding” and “because” , it actually can calm things down… for men.  Funny – the same words don’t have the same effect on women. But what does make an impact is having the female’s partner present, listening and participating in the exchange. The word themselves are less relevant but simply being present and actively engaged helps.

Share this with your partner and next time you can see the train wreck coming down the tracks, get present fast and talk like Pointdexter. Perhaps you’ll only go from a slugfest to a couple of rounds of sparring.