Album of the Week: Sarolta Zalatnay

I find that  playing music sung in languages other than English helps my kids understand that there are places other than the United States and bands other than Black Eyed Peas that can crank it out. So, let’s pick a country…  say Hungary and let’s pick a time – say 40 years ago – with that let me introduce you to Sarolta Zalatnay. Discovered amid the staff picks at Green Apple Bookstore in San Francisco (arguably one of the best – if not the best, book store in the city) – it’s a fav on our play list rotation. Sarolta Zalatnay

So, if you like killer hip-hop back beat, fuzzed-out wah wah guitar, lots of big crunchy power chords and a major dose of Janis Joplin with a pinch of Geddy Lee via Budapest circa 1969 then you’re gonna love her. Check out the grooves in Itt a Nyár and Hadd Mondjam El or the haunting Adj Egy Percet). I’ve tossed a few of her songs into some iPod play lists where several fellow musically discerning friends were clearly intrigued… and stumped. They would first look vacantly towards the sky as if they were trying to place the sound, then look quizzically at me – with expressions of delight yet wonder – their well honed databases of all things musical clearly unable to call up the artist. Click hear to get the album: Zalatnay

Egyser Itt a Nyar Adj Egy Percet Hadd Mondjam El

I have to admit that, even at my advance age of forty-something, discovering a random golden nugget like Sarolta still makes my day.